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Gets the id of a view for which this view serves as a label for.Supply a tag for this view containing a String, to be retrieved.Request unbuffered dispatch of the given stream of MotionEvents to this View.View flag indicating whether this view should have sound effects enabled.Returns the hint that is displayed when the text of the TextView.The degrees that the view is rotated around the vertical axis through the pivot point.

Indicate whether the vertical edges are faded when the view is.Measure the view and its content to determine the measured width and the.The view contents does not include PII (Personally Identifiable Information), so it.Indicates that the content of a non-editable text can be selected.

Hints the Android System whether the view node associated with this View should be.Mark the area defined by the rect (l,t,r,b) as needing to be drawn.Android Support; Location. Websites that use location-aware browsing will ask where you are in order to. Neither Mozilla or Google will ever use the information.Would you like to change your language preference and browse this site in.

Sets the switch text color, size, style, hint color, and highlight color.If set, specifies that this TextView has a phone number input.

Sets the id of a view for which this view serves as a label for.Flag for setSystemUiVisibility(int): Requests the navigation bar to draw in a mode.Find the nearest keyboard navigation cluster in the specified direction.The amount that the view is scaled in y around the pivot point, as a proportion of.Here’s how to switch. Step 1 of 3. Get Google Drive. First,. Sign in on your Android device. Sign in to your Google account on your new Android device.Sets the text displayed when the button is in the checked state.Use navigation in the Google Maps app. On your Android phone or tablet,. You might be able to switch to another voice from your phone or tablet's text-to.

If bounds is not null, return the top, left, right, bottom extents.Return the full height measurement information for this view as computed.Locking your Android device's screen with a PIN, password or pattern-lock is extremely easy and takes only a few minutes.

Returns the suggested minimum width that the view should use.Boolean that controls whether a view should have haptic feedback.Elegant text height, especially for less compacted complex script text.

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Default implementation of KeyEvent.Callback.onKeyDown(): perform press of the view.Sets the degrees that the view is rotated around the vertical axis through the pivot point.Retrieves the value set in setCustomInsertionActionModeCallback(ActionMode.Callback).Dispatch onFinishTemporaryDetach() to this View and its direct children if this is.

PorterDuff.Mode: the blending mode used to apply the tint, may be.Allow a user to over-scroll this view only if the content is large.Returns the right padding of the view, plus space for the right.

Set the default LocaleList of the text in this TextView to the given value.The view is important for autofill, and its children (if any) will be traversed.

In Loco Loco, you use your. Loco Loco 1.40 APK for Android. suck in coins, stop for a short while and radio ahead to lower bridges or switch turntables.Returns the text displayed when the button is not in the checked state.Open source project to help controlling layouts from a computer. Panel creation, decoder programming and Loco-net tools.Flag for setSystemUiVisibility(int): View has requested that the.Dispatch a fling to a nested scrolling parent before it is processed by this view.

Here's how to easily fake your GPS location on Android; Here's how to easily fake your GPS location on Android. Posted: 11 Jul 2016,. Android is quite versatile.Dispatch a generic motion event to the view under the first pointer.A Property wrapper around the translationY functionality handled by the.You can change the documentation API level with the selector above the left navigation.

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