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This document is intended for developers who want to write applications that can interact with the Books API. Google Books has a mission to. API-specific query.The Google Maps Geolocation API returns a location and accuracy radius based on information about cell towers and WiFi nodes that the mobile client can.queries google maps to tabulate driving distances. Raw. driving.jl. distance = api_lookup (strt_loc, dest_loc) # distance = 1.0: known_distances[(strt_loc,.The API allows requesting information on one or more books using ISBNs, OCLC Numbers, LCCNs and OLIDs (Open Library IDs).General Tips for Running the Create Location Assignment API: a) Save the API in a script file and then run the script from the SQL Prompt (Example: RUN create_loc.RDF core API tutorial; SPARQL tutorial; Manipulating SPARQL using. As a query language, SPARQL is "data-oriented" in that it only queries the information held in.

Facebook Query Language, or FQL, enables you to use a SQL-style interface to query the data exposed by the Graph API.There are four parameters common to all API operations. highest supported dimension for query. codes found at http://www.loc.gov/standards.

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Yahoo Weather API for your apps. Get up-to-date weather information for any location,. YQL (Yahoo Query Language) is a SQL-like language that lets you query,.

VersionOne.SDK.NET.APIClient - A library for.NET development with the VersionOne REST API.Node.js Connecting to HANA + Mongo + Neo4J. For showing result of individual queries,. so that it can be passed to an API to fetch the data from the graph database.The API supports ISBNs, LCCNs, OCLC numbers and OLIDs (Open Library IDs).

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Dears, could you please inform me if there are an Api that can give us the distance between A and B using API? Like Google Distance Matrix API. Thanks.

The form has buttons to kill queries that are taking too long, or consuming too many resources. Example. Below is a simple example of a REST API query script.

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Medoo insert API - Insert new records in table. table [string] The table name. data [array] The data that will be inserted into table.

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The aprs.fi API (Application Programming Interface) allows application developers to query the aprs.fi database from their own web applications.

The contents of the JSON object are decided by the jscmd parameter.This is a REST API allowing to perform DNS queries over HTTP, and to get reverse PTR records for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. It outputs JSON-encoded DNS responses.Yahoo Query Language (YQL. With YQL, apps run faster with fewer lines of code and a. data by following the instructions in YQL for Content and API...Shows how to get started using the Bing Web Search API. for future versions of the API. The request must specify the q query. lessons&find_loc.Examining my MySQL slow query log, I see hundreds, if not thousands of entries for xmlsitemap. Small excerpt follows: # Query_time: 0 Lock_time: 0 Rows_sent: 1 Rows.Fireball Data APIVersion: 1.0 (2016 August)change logThe fireball data API provides a method of requesting specific records from the available data-set.Every.

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Now if we click on this element, the alert is displayed: Handler for.click() called. We can also trigger the event when a different element is clicked.

The UFO API is a collection of UFO Sigthings served through an API. The original dataset is coming from The National UFO Reporting.SRU is a standard XML-focused search protocol for Internet search queries, utilizing CQL (Contextual Query Language), a standard syntax for representing queries. Note.Together they make up an extensive application programming interface. //labs-dev.loc.gov/lc-for-robots/++ The API. the search query; format: 'html'.Developing a REST Web Service using C# - A walkthrough. { // using parametirized query. How would you go about adding Basic Authentication to this API.mquery is a fluent mongodb query builder designed to run in multiple environments. fluent query builder api; custom base query support;. query. where (' loc ').

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Wit.ai uses OAuth2 as an authorization layer. As such, every API request must contain an Authorize HTTP header with a token Access tokens are app specific. Every.It’s also possible to query for all items within a given rectangle (specified by lower-left and upper-right coordinates): >>>.Computed options value: options= Some flag values (not listed in the above table) have been deprecated. See the source code for more details.

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