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Contactless element 106 is associated with (e.g., embedded within) mobile device 102 and data or control instructions transmitted via cellular network 122 may be applied to contactless element 106 by means of contactless element interface 108.In this case, the portable consumer device may be a wireless phone.This is not something transit system providers are required to do at present, and if implemented, adds an additional layer of cost and administrative overhead.The NFC device provides the mobile phone with a credential that indicates that the user paid the fare.In one embodiment, the smart sign is located at an exit of the destination transit location and the user is allowed to exit the transit system after scanning the mobile device at the smart sign.

The transit agency system 140 uses the stored departure location information and the destination location information to calculate the fare price.The type of information may include fare information or schedule information.Payment Technologies for E-Commerce. about http://id.loc. Secure Electronic Transactions -- (11) Credit Card-Based Secure Online Payment -- (12) Micropayments.Electronic money system and transaction method using the same.The NFC devices may be included on the same smart sign located at one transit location or on different smart signs located at different transit locations.As will be described, the inventive system provides both an efficient method of utilizing the contactless element, and in addition, provides other benefits and advantages in the transit fare payment and collection environment.However, it is understood that other types of systems can be used in embodiments of the invention.Each smart sign includes an NFC device 132 a, 132 b that provides location information to the mobile device 102 when the mobile device 102 is positioned proximate the NFC device 132 a, 132 b.

A contactless smart card is a smart card that incorporates a means of communicating with the card reader or terminal without the need for direct contact.Computerized healthcare accounts receivable purchasing collections securitization and management system.

Method and system for processing electronic payment transactions.Resource location verification by comparing and updating resource location with a location of a consumer device after a threshold of location mismatches is exceeded.The processor is configured to execute a process to generate transit data associated with the first transit location and the second transit location in response to activation of the first NFC device and the second NFC device.Digitization is taking over - LoC sent out far more from website than reading room We can now afford to store vast amounts of stuff online. micropayments - pay per...The smart chip, or other type of device, can be integrated with the circuitry of the mobile device to permit data stored on the chip to be accessed and manipulated (e.g., read, written, erased) using the wireless communications network as the data transport channel.Listening to news executives talk about micropayments, Kindles, public subsidies, micropayments,.The user may also select information about promotions or incentives provided by merchants near the departure or destination transit locations.

Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.).Antenna circuit and its production for non-contact type portable storage.

Patent US5018067 - Apparatus and method for improved

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System and method of provisioning confidential information via a mobile device.The amount of the transit fare is deducted from a user account or otherwise charged to the user.

Mobile device containing contactless payment card used in transit fare collection.Further, the mobile device may be used for both transaction payment and transit services.

Smart card system for providing financial, travel, and entertainment-related services.To sell successfully online, every storeowner must know the demographic make-up of their shoppers and offer appropriate payment methods. A store that sells to.

This aspect of the invention is described in detail with reference to FIGS. 3-8.Contactless proximity automated data collection system and method.By using a mobile device in the manner described, it is possible to load data to the device to block its use in a transit application.As shown in the figure, smart sign 130 a is located at a departure station and smart sign 130 b is located at a destination station.The likely consumption of health provider resources that are necessary to treat a particular medical patient are estimated within the framework of the existing.Computer implemented flexible benefit plan host based stored value card product.

Instead, such data, and any other data relevant to using the transit system is provided via the wireless communications network.Wireless communication system and method to provide geo-spatial related event data.In other words, a determination need not be made whether the transit user exited the train at the selected location.The inventive system can utilize a contactless element including, for example, a contactless smart chip and a wireless data transfer element (e.g., an antenna, LED, laser diode, etc.), embedded within a mobile wireless device, such as a mobile phone, PDA, MP3 player or the like.Method and system for ordering, loading and using access tickets.The integrated circuit stores and processes information, and modulates and demodulates a radio frequency signal.Authors: Andreu Pere Isern-Deyà Universitat de les Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca, Spain M. Magdalena Payeras-Capellà Universitat de les Illes Balears, Palma de.

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