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Of course, the relevancy engines described earlier are activated as part of the utilization of the databases 324, 326, 330.

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Referring to the User Profile, Table A, and to content display program 60, the system accounts for each utilization of each web site established by each content provider-user.Try the new Google Patents,. micropayment, or credit management. this disclosure may be embodied in software executed by one or more processors of the disclosed.Seminar Topics - Download as Word. Adhoc Networks 78. Advanced Processors. more topics A Probabilistic Approach to Micropayment A cognitive radio approach for.The relevancy factors compiled for a particular web page may be including as meta data in the page or may be stored in the system database or index associated with the content.Also with respect to the input, the user may be requested to input a reasonable amount of descriptive information regarding the uploaded electronic content.It should be noted that the price discriminator may be used with both content relevant ads and user relevant ads. FIG. 10 shows this selector only with user relevant ads.

Loc Duc Nguyen: Credit card paired with location identifiable device for point of service fraud detection US8219489B2 (en) * 2008-07-29: 2012-07-10: Visa U.S.A.The publisher in functional block 174 adds a hyperlink to the snippit of the video as a preview.

The present invention could be produced in hardware or software, or in a combination of hardware and software, and these implementations would be known to one of ordinary skill in the art.The users who created the content do not monetary benefit from the distribution and display of such content.In any event, typically, the Internet 221 connection bridges the input system devices 211, 213, 217 with the system 223.Grouting as a structural repair, retrofitting and strengthening technique.

A method and apparatus for asymmetrical key management in a cryptographic system is provided. Embodiments of the invention implement varying levels of diversification.Of course, the User Profile may contain other information that enables the system operator to either generate additional relational advertisements or exclude advertisements (negative preferences) and generate additional traffic to the merged web pages.Analysis Of Dynamic Cone Penetration (Dcp) Test Results For Pavement Design.The IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security covers the sciences, technologies, and applications relating to information forensics, information.

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Author: drwasho. Dropshipping on OpenBazaar. (LoC) may either be a 1. Some variations of this idea may be extended to bi-directional micropayment channels to.The revenue input function 412 shows that the system obtains click per impression cpm revenue 414, click through revenue 416 and sales commission revenue 418.As stated earlier, the web page addresses all include a singular server address such that all the web pages have a root server address which enhances the search engine placement of each page on the system server 223.

It should be appreciated that the memory represents many types of data storage including hard drives, volatile and non-volatile memory, and removable drives.In a similar manner, if the comments supplied by user 2 are critical of the site, the user 2 comment quantity is incremented for user 2 but decremented on the content provider.To further incentivize viewers and content providers, content web sites are marked with a display indicating that certain revenues are shared with a designated charity.

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Construction joint locations in continuous post-tensioned beams and slabs.

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The outputs from content filter 20 are content relevancy factors A, B, C associated with Content A, Content B and Content C.The shared associated sales referral fee with the content provider-user is based upon a predetermined formula.Techniques for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Structures.From revenue input module 412, account program 410 handles and shares this revenue between various participants in the system.

System function 322 then operates on a content request to get a preformed web page associated with the requested content, or gets a web page associated with the search term input by the user or obtains a default web page. See FIG. 1, for example.If the aggregate QA ranking (1-5) (5 being the best or high quality), shows a qualitative ranking of 4, the system operator knows that the content is a high quality.Payment within the internet - How Micropayment will change the interne - Jan Krause. Seminar paper from the year 2000 in the subject Business economics - Misce.

Effectively, the referral fee 86 is logged into and associated with the content user profile as part of the total sales referral fees and unique fees associated with content B on merged car web page BB 78.Coupon information is stored in a memory at a cable television station. The cable television station may simultaneously transmit multiple video signals, each.

Function block 140 processes the web page through the contextual ad program.The preview could be an thumbnail, a description, a snipppit, a quote from the electronic, content, or a descriptor supplied by the user who, in turn, as supplied the electronic content.

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