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Like your predecessors you will bend truth, whichever way that suits you.Also, a bit further down, there is an image of two murder victims lying in the road.

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Furthermore, the brutality of a large percentage of black on white murders, especially farm murders, where frequently there is nothing stolen and victims have been murdered in horrendous, gratuitously violent ways, is a factor that cannot be addressed in any statistic.Title Apartheid in practice: Jobs & wages in South Africa Contributor Names King, David, designer Anti.In the piece you did on Cape Town toilets, you wound up stating that Cape Town is not the worst city in the country, when it is in fact the best city in the country.

Today, crime levels remain unacceptably high, especially murder rates, assaults, rapes and aggravated robberies.After an exodus, white South Africans are returning home in their thousands. Accessibility links. Why white South Africans are coming home. 3 May 2014.What Life Was Like In South Africa. racist South Africa had. including whether the moons of your fingernails were a bit more mauve than white,.People like Hofmeyer are not helping this country to reach it intended goal of diverse tolerant culture. in fact it show how narrowly his mind can think, actually it is said for a person like him to articulate such carless statement, his so called people are the same who planted hate amongst South Africans as we now having this bloody legacy.

As we pointed out in the report, crime statistics are commonly expressed by statisticians, crime analysts and researchers as a ratio per 100,000 of the population rather than in raw numbers.The only way it will achieve that is if it sticks to cold, empirical facts.Background Demographics. Statistics South Africa estimated that, there were about 4,584,700 white people in South Africa, amounting to 9.2% of the country's population.Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius photographed after he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.I am afraid to say that this piece was just pulled up as a stick to beat Steve with, instead of getting to the real truth.You are however one of the many who criticise and complain purely for the sake of complaining. 20 years ago there was as much crime if not more. I know. I was in the police force during that time.

The photograph of the two murder victims has a caption which appears if you scroll over it with your mouse pointer. (We are currently improving various design elements of the website and will be looking more closely at the way that captions are displayed).White Africans are people with a European ancestry who came from Africa or live there, while identifying themselves exclusively as whites, here is a list.In South Africa, thousands from all races march against President Jacob Zuma, but unity remains elusive.Has there been a real increase in the murder off white people or not.

Support the “Right of Return” for White South. the “Right of Return” for White South Africans". grandkids / kids are going to be living like that.It is amazing how, even in the light of overwhelming evidence presented in your article and many others (including my own), people still WANT to believe that whites are being slaughtered.

As stated above, the sooner we understand the reality of crime as it affects all individuals, the better that those living in South Africa will be able to engage with, participate in or lobby for initiatives aimed at addressing the very real problems that do exist, and that affect individuals from every community.Africa Check understands that perceptions do of course matter.White South African. White South Africans are people from South Africa who are of European descent and who do not regard themselves, or are not regarded as, being part of another racial group (for example, as Coloured).Mind boggling, to spend money and time on research to convince who.quartz at work like us on facebook follow us on twitter about us quartzy. White privilege holds. What If There Were No Whites In South Africa? is published by.Based on this, it is clear that homicide rates for all races increased over this period.

FREE to Join & Browse - 1000's of White women in South Africa - Interracial Dating, Relationships & Marriage with ladies & females Online.Africa Check has not been able to establish whether Vusi Tshabalala really exists or which publication Hofmeyr was referring to.A Letter From a White South African to White. as someone who grew up in Apartheid South Africa,. you have no idea what it's like to be not-white.The end result is that end consumers of these publications are left with a potentially warped worldview.South African advert showing white woman feeding black child like dog pulled over racism claims South African Advertising Standards Agency pulls campaign.It was written by Rob McCafferty, then a communications director for the conservative Cape Town-based lobby group, United Christian Action.Why is it so difficult for people to acknowledge that on average and overall, this country is a better place than it was 20 years ago.

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Why the Media Blackout regarding the slaughter of White South Africans? My Tribe Is Dying Like Flies; White South Africans killed enmass!.The correct conclusion would be that some years after apartheid would be lower, but a much deeper analysis will have to be done on the figures, and even this will not amount to meaningful conclusions.Hofmeyr then went on to make the following statements on Twitter.

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Like the politics of the day this report makes you a laughing stock among reasonable intelligence.

Had I read his piece on his Facebook page I would have stopped reading after the assertion that South Africa has more unreported murders than Colombia.In the 2012 Victims of Crime Survey, about 35% of households believed that crime had increased since the previous period.Sign up for the AFKInsider. I want to help all South Africans black and white as. Ernie Els ’cause everyone knows they’re South African…like,.It is, however, possible to gauge trends in white homicide based on older data.Proactive and inclusive citizen action can make a difference as seen in many communities but only if we empower ourselves through knowledge.The number of whites killed by blacks in South Africa is equivalent to, or more than, the number of seats at Soccer City stadium, which has a maximum seating capacity of 94,736.If you want to dispel faceless rumour, you will need to provide the hard facts, either in the article or as a downloadable document.

Viewpoint: Does race matter in South Africa?. especially not from a government led by people who are black like me. Race in South Africa: White.

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Therefore it is probable that while white homicides during apartheid were accurately documented by the state, the number of black homicides was understated in official reports.

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However, this is not a reason to dismiss inconvenient facts as Mr Hofmeyr does.

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